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"Im very pleased with my progress since Ive been in therapy. There has been a 70% , increase since Ive started plus the care and professionalism is second none. I would highly recommend U.P.T.A to anyone seeking a better living."

-Kenneth Brown

"Im noticing improvement in my leg area, where Ive been experiencing pain. I feel that the physical therapy has helped me in my healing process tremendously. The staff is extremely professional and caring."


-Darlene McDonald

"I have been coming to physical therapy for treatment on my legs and have seen a drastic improvement. The staff is very professional and always provides extra care for me. Im very pleased with the professional care I have been receiving at UTPA. I would recommend anyone that is looking for expert care and a professional staff to come to University Physical Therapy Associates! Its the best."

-Dorothy Ferrell

"Im a MS patient and Ive been attending University Physical Therapy Associates for my leg condition.They provide the best care and have a professional staff .If I experience additional problems with my neck or shoulder.They know exactly what is needed and takes care of it right away. I was able to start participate in the MS Walks for two consecutive years because of the excellent therapy I received. I love coming to this establishment and I look forward to seeing my extended family at University Physical Therapy Associates."

-Kerrie Ferrell