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Why was I referred to physical therapy?

You were referred to physical therapy because you need the expertise that only a physical therapist can offer.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor to see you?

A prescription or referral is not required to see a physical therapist for your initial visit. Appointments can be made anytime. However, there are three things to consider based on your situation. First, you can call for a 15-minute free screen

How long will I need to be in physical therapy?

The body does not change overnight. It can take a number of weeks to stretch, strengthen and retrain. You may need one visit or you may need several months of treatment depending upon your condition. Your physical therapist and your medical docto

Who pays for the treatment?

In most cases, health insurance will cover your treatment. UPTA makes it easy —we take virtually all insurances with few exceptions. Please make sure to talk to our office manager to help you clarify your insurance coverage.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Please bring your insurance card, driver’s license, the medical doctor’s referral or prescription, your calendar, and payment for your co-pay or deductible.

Will I have to do anything at home?

Absolutely!! One of our primary responsibilities is to teach you what you need to do at home to manage your condition. And not just at home! Think of how much time you spend at work. Exercise works! Your prescribed home exercises are designed to

What can physical therapy do for me?

What can physical therapy do for me? If you hurt, we can help. The expertise of a physical therapist can help in many ways. Physical therapists apply research and proven techniques to help effectively prevent and treat a variety of injuries and ch

What do I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows us to expose the body part we are examining. It is best if you bring shorts if we are looking at your back or any joint below the back.

Will it hurt?

We will do everything we can to make your sessions with us pain free. The old adage “no pain, no gain” is ridiculous.

What is a co pay?

Some insurance contracts require you to pay a certain amount each visit. This amount is called a co-pay. Co-pay amounts can vary depending on your individual policy. Co-pays are expected to be paid on your arrival each visit.

What is a deductible?

The deductible is the amount you are required to pay before your insurance begins payment. In most cases, when you see practitioners that are “in network”, there is no deductible. Deductibles vary depending on your individual policy.

What is co-insurance?

Some policies do not have a co-pay, but they may have a co-insurance. This is the percentage that your individual policy requires you to pay of the allowed, or contracted, amount. We will bill you for your co-insurance amount once we determine wh

What is a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)?

Physical Therapist Assistants work under the supervision of a physical therapist. Their duties include assisting the physical therapist in implementing treatment programs according to the plan of care. They train patients in exercises and activit

What is an Exercise Specialist?

An Exercise Specialist works under the supervision of a physical therapist. Their duties include assisting the physical therapist in implementing treatment programs according to the plan of care prescribed by the therapist. They train patient

Will my insurance pay for my therapy?

Our expert billing staff will get all authorizations and verifications needed from your insurance company. You will be told up front what your insurance coverage is. If you have any questions at anytime during your care a member of our billing

What if I do not have insurance?

At university physical therapy associate we realize that treatment without insurance can be a hardship so we offer a very discounted self pay rate. If you do not have insurance please ask our staff about this.