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Who Are We?

University Physical Therapy Associates is an outpatient physical therapy clinic dedicated to continuous healing and injury prevention. At UPTA, our physical therapists are dedicated to provide specialized treatment of orthopedic, neurologic, auto accident and work-related injuries. It is our mission to help individuals restore and maintain their strength, skills and functions.

With nearly 13 years as a clinic and over 50 years of experience from our Clinical Staff, we work with a wide range of cases, and more typical conditions such as neck and back pain. As experts in physical therapy, our goal is to make your experience pleasant and to overall get you results!

Our Approach...

At University Physical Therapy Associates you receive quality one-on-one care from a licensed educated therapist who is devoted to recognizing your specific needs. We promote complete healing and avoidance of re-injury through a treatment approach that intertwines physical and manual therapies with your proactive participation.

We recognize that people are different and their bodies are different which is why we create an individual approach to care. We also understand that your symptoms are not always the problem. So at University Physical Therapy Associates, we develop treatment directed at the core problem. Your care progresses as you heal and your treatment needs change. We develop care that maximizes your ability to get well, and we take your time, work, home life, and personal goals into consideration as well.

Our therapists are the best in their field and offer top-of-the-line care in a liberating and inspiring atmosphere. We provide the hands-on techniques that work and treat the body as a whole, and we get you results!